The Rentidee company

About Rentidee

Turn on your sensors and take notice of what your customers need in practice, and translate that into quality products. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it’s just a matter of improving what is already good and thinking about the needs of the customer. Rentidee is specialized in sales and rental of units, containers, office units, sanitary facilities but also light towers, stage barriers, generators, cables, pumps, etc.
Rentidee is a flexible organization where service and quality is paramount. We distinguish ourselves as a compact organization that knows and feels what the customer wants. We advise and support you in event support, technical services and housing. All of our rental products are also for sale.
One of our strengths is providing customized (office) units with all the environmental requirements, such as a low energy cunsumtion and generating energy through solar panels.


RENTidee is an undertaking that was born from Milcon, one of Europe’s biggest players in the field of hydraulic lift and aerial device systems since many years. RENTidee stands for experience, professionalism, with a flexible organisation and short communication lines. The scope of our sales and rentalpark enables us to provide quick andappropriate solutions at any givenmoment.


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